Weapon Profiles


At Reload, we want to offer you the full Call of Duty laser tag experience.

With our modern military style weapons, you can create your own COD combat scenarios and complete challenges. We have two types of weapons, both featuring the following, plus the individual weapons have their own features (scroll down for details):

• Full Colour Display
• Force Feedback Vibration
• Simplified Referee Controls
• Radio Hit Feedback
• Remote Player Control by Radio and IR
• Instant Scoring
• 20 Weapon Simulations

• Optional Menu Lock Out
(prevent accidental settings changes)
• 100% Simplicity
• Multi-Lingual Functionality
• Exhilarating Customer Experience
• Totally Portable

MP7 Machine Pistol


The MP7 Machine Pistol, modern military range is an awesome small sized laser tag weapon with full metal construction and red dot scope. It weighs less than 3kg and is ideal for age 7+ with a maximum range of 170m. Using latest digital technology and optik sensors – the most advanced hit sensors and has infra red and selectable colour muzzle flash unit.

MAC11 Micro Machine Pistol


The MAC11 Micro Machine Pistol is ideal for younger players. With full metal construction and red dot scope, the MAC11 weighs in at under 1.4kg making it the lightest metal, full feature, radio hit feedback laser tag gun in the world with a maximum range of up to 90m! The MAC11 is straight out of Call of Duty and uses the latest digital technology, optik sensor with the most advanced hit sensors available, infra red tri-colour emitter and muzzle flash unit and red dot sight.